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Hard work and dedication never go in vain and we proved it right with the development of an interactive cab booking app.

The Challenge: When the client approached us, he wanted a custom-made cab booking app emergently for the employees. We often deal with such challenges with our perfection and determination. Knowing that many reputed vendors refused to take over the project due to insufficient time, our biggest challenge was to deliver an amazing app within 15 days.

As the client was in need to get this app developed specifically for the employees, we were asked to make it accessible and open only for them.

Solutions From AppsThink: As we always endeavor to face new challenges and achieve those goals we are committed to. As our client needed a user-friendly app that allows the employees to book cabs by generating tickets, we devised interesting features while incorporating them to the app’s functionality.

Although we followed each & every aspect in development process, executing the project without any time lapse was our main priority. Our team of 5-6 developers took up the challenge and managed the complete project proficiently in order to deliver it within the time limit. We ensured that the app was made relevant to be used by the organization’s employees for booking cab conveniently.

Outcome: At last, we reached the client’s expectations and achieved the target successfully on time. Apart from getting acclamation from the client, the cab booking app was liked by the majority of employees which was our major accomplishment. With precise manpower, we managed to create an amazing app in lesser time and implemented all the basics as defined by the client.

Throughout this project, we explored more about our capabilities and proficiency. Our developers modified the app’s functionalities with GPS feature which allows the user to keep a book cab at any location.

Our solutions



We strategized adequately to encompass all major requirements of the app and analyzed the feasibility of our ideas for its development process.



Our smart developers focused on rendering seamless interface to an app for enhanced user experience and better user engagement.



We deployed cutting-edge technology to build an innovative app fledged with interactive features and stunning functionalities.


Launch Strategy

Our launch strategy was based on its compatibility as we have developed it in both iOS & Android versions.


Marketing Collateral

We have determined all possible techniques and promotional strategies which are favorable to market the app.


App Store Optimization

For optimizing the app’s visibility, our experts utilized some expedient tactics to improve its ranking on the respective app stores.


Our core values


Apps Users Love

We made this app highly compatible and responsive so that a user can access it easily and enjoy its interactive features.


Generating Revenue

We relate our client’s business with our work process and that’s why, we ensured to come up with an engaging app that can boost profits.


Topping The Charts

Even if this app is meant for specified users, we developed its functionality with multiple features in order to categorize it differently from others.

Developing an app in 15 days

  • 9 January 2017

    Defining strategies for project management

    In the starting phase, we have followed different approach for this project as our primary focus was to wrap it up within 15 days. Our enthusiastic team of developers and designers prepared themselves to handle the project and make the best efforts.

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  • 16 January 2017

    Development for both Android & iOS

    As the app was to be made for the particular user base, our smart developers devised advanced interface and precise coding to come up with an engaging app for both Android & iOS platforms. In this way, we progressed the project compassionately towards the next step.

      17 coffe cup’s
      10 pizza’s
  • 24 January 2017

    Quality Analysis & Testing

    After developing a fully-functional app, we make sure to analyze its functionalities and features. Under the quality analysis process, our experts tested the app on the basis of its compatibility and seamless adaptability.

      17 coffe cup’s
      10 pizza’s
  • 27 January 2017

    Client’s Approval & Feedback

    As the app was passed under the quality analysis process, we delivered it to the client on time. Our developers gave their best to reach beyond the client’s expectations and eventually we also got positive feedback.

      17 coffe cup’s
      10 pizza’s

Some stats

  • 500

    Without any Paid User acquisition or Advertising, 500 devices equip this amazing App.
  • Is Average Ratings By 6+ Users Out Of 5 stars.


"I decided to choose AppsThink for getting a fully-functional iOS & Android cab booking app especially for the employees. Being a renowned app development agency, I trusted AppsThink and undoubtedly, their services are completely satisfying & faster as they delivered the project on-time."


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