Success Story


Another success story that envelops the real challenges and efforts bestowed by our team for the creation of this engaging & feature-rich app.

The Challenge: Every new project brings tougher challenges along with the client’s expectations but as always, we were prepared to cope with them appropriately. In this project, the client brought up an already designed app which was not accessible at that time. So, it was our prime objective to enhance the app’s functionalities and deliver it within 1 month.

As the client has conversed with our team that app was tested by the third party earlier, its both Android & iOS versions were defiled by the number of 140 and 220 bugs respectively. We were ready to fix those bugs and deliver a fully-functional app that can be accessed on multiple platforms.

Solutions From AppsThink: Our smart approach and enthusiasm have led us to refine our skills with every project. For this particular project, our team of dedicated developers started working on the pre-developed app as placed forward by the client. As the features & interface of the application were already examined, we needed to make it functional and highly compatible as well.

Also, our experts found that app’s PHP backend was also distorted by bugs and thus, they have introduced new module that was bug-free and supported by the multiple platforms. We focused on improving the performance of both iOS & Android versions of app and make them useful & interesting for the users.

Outcome: From beginning to the end, we managed the project conveniently and delivered it to the client without exceeding the time limit. The client seemed satisfied after accessing the app on cross-platforms without any interruption and bugs.

After all, the app was made for common users, this factor was the plus point for our success in this project. We customized the app’s features for enhanced user experience and flexible accessibility.

Our solutions



We mentioned all key requirements of client and defined our strategies based on them. Our developers innovated their ideas and concepts in order to carry out the process without any obstacle.



In order to come up with an engaging app that stands out from others, we ensured making its layout appealing & engaging.



We considered this process as our major concern as we have to debug the client’s app which was already developed. Along with bug-free interface, our team introduced an advanced module for rendering the compatibility to the app.


Launch Strategy

As the app was to be made functional and compatible on cross platforms, we have foolproof strategies & plans to launch its both Android & iOS versions.


Marketing Collateral

Our online marketing experts implemented result-oriented tactics in order to promote the debugged app among the target users.


App Store Optimization

While utilizing feasible marketing techniques, we ensured optimizing the app’s ranking and improve its existing visibility on Play store.


Our core values


Apps Users Love

We laid down our efforts along with immense dedication and expertise to come up with a high performing app which is supported by multiple platforms.


Generating Revenue

With the vision of assisting our client to expand their business with a user-friendly app, we devised it with flawless functionalities and stunning features.


Topping The Charts

As the app was to be made compatible on diversified platforms, we fixed all the bugs from its interface. In this way, we customized the app’s performance so that the user may access & run it smoothly.

Developing an app in 1 month

  • 25 January 2017

    Determined the possible bugs in app

    We began working on this project keeping the bug issue on priority. We checked the interfaces of both Android & iOS versions of the app brought up by the client. After understanding the requirements for this app, we found bugs in the functionality of its PHP backend.

      17 coffe cup’s
      10 pizza’s
  • 2 February 2017

    Fixed bugs with the integration of new module

    In this step, we resolved the major issue by debugging the app’s interface so that the app can be made accessible and compatible on wider platforms. Our team worked on different module for both Android & iOS apps.

      17 coffe cup’s
      10 pizza’s
  • 15 February 2017

    Tested app’s performance

    In this phase, we made sure that app was fully-functional by testing its features. Our experts have analyzed the app’s performance under challenging conditions and they got positive results.

      17 coffe cup’s
      10 pizza’s
  • 24 February 2017

    Headed for the client’s approval

    In this final stage, we needed to present the app to our client and take his feedback. Eventually, his response was positive as we have achieved the best from his expectations.

      17 coffe cup’s
      10 pizza’s

Some stats

  • 500

    Without any Paid User acquisition or Advertising, 500 devices equip this amazing App.
  • Is Average Ratings By 6+ Users Out Of 5 stars.


"From AppsThink, I got the best solutions to each and every issue with my app. It is obvious to say that their services and development techniques are gratifying and outstanding in the industry. I will definitely approach them again for my futuristic projects."


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