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We abide our accomplishments with all our efforts & proficiency. So, here is a success story defining the challenges & their solutions we came across in the development of this event planning app.

The Challenge: Our client needed a custom-made app based on providing wide range of event planning services. As this business was already listed on yellow pages, the client demanded an engaging app to introduce the business on cross-platforms. We started working on the client’s requirements and considerable features of the app which are necessary for simplifying the entire process.

On the client’s website, the interested customer need to post a query in order to get quotes from the vendors, have chat with the experts or planners, and make payments for them. We are focused on rendering more enhanced features & functionalities to the app which was the major requirement of the client.

Solutions From AppsThink: Our team of experts always looks forward to coming up with appropriate ideas & concepts in order to tackle all challenges in every project. Knowing that the client’s business was already listed on yellow pages, we developed a user-friendly app which was based on PHP format and accessible on multiple platforms.

We developed a feature-rich Android app with automated features which are meant to offer enhanced user experience and easier registration process. We make all our efforts to come up with an app which is highly compatible and useful both for the vendors & users.

Outcome: We developed this app specifically for providing event planning services to the users and engaging several artists, decorators, planners, dealers, caterers, and videographers to make profits with their work. With this Android app, both vendors & users can avail/receive projects from the category, converse through one-to-one chat, and finalize the work along with secure payment option.

Our smart developers customized the app with stunning features which enable the vendors & users to access the real-time request & get response any time. So, the person may need to sign-up or login, fill the form for required details & data, set the budget and add the location.

Our solutions



Our development team understood the client’s requirements before heading further in the project. We defined our innovative concepts & ideas for creating an engaging app meant for providing event planning services.



As we took a step forward for the development process, our developers followed a distinctive approach while outlining the design and layout of the app. They focused on making it more interactive and appealing to the users & the respective vendors.



Our strategists & experts haven’t left any stone unturned in the app development process. In order to come up with a high-performing app, we customized it with powerful functions and amazing features.


Launch Strategy

We created an Android version of the app based on PHP coding and thus, we launched it on the respective Play store from where the users may install it.


Marketing Collateral

We needed to market this app not only for the targeted customers but for the prominent vendors who may take interest using this app in order to get established in the market.


App Store Optimization

After promoting the app on the Android Play store, we optimized its existing ranking and improved its online visibility. With this step, we ensured that this app will gain everyone’s attention and steer increased traffic towards it.


Our core values


Apps Users Love

We made this high-performing app with cutting-edge features and enhanced functionalities. We rendered amazing interface to the app for better user-experience.


Generating Revenue

This Android app made a huge success with upsurged number of users and ever-extending rate of quality traffic. With feasible online marketing and app store optimization, this app ranked at the top with increased revenue.


Topping The Charts

As this app ranked at the top with appropriate marketing and quality-focused development work, we achieved our objective with this step.

Developing an app in 1 month 15 days

  • 5th December 2016

    Summarized the client’s concerns & requirements

    In beginning, we listed the major demands put up by the client, to build an overview and possibilities. Our team researched each & every information regarding the client’s business and its market scenario.

      17 coffe cup’s
      10 pizza’s
  • 29th December 2016

    Integrated innovative features in automated structure

    In this phase, our developers integrated several striking features for user engagement. With seamless coding based on PHP and the automated system, our experts developed this app which is supported by multiple Android devices.

      17 coffe cup’s
      10 pizza’s
  • 15th January 2017

    Tested the app’s performance

    After the development process, we needed to test the functionalities of the app. Our quality analysts tested this app and its compatibility & accessibility in several steps.

      17 coffe cup’s
      10 pizza’s
  • 2nd February 2017

    Headed to the project delivery

    As always, we ensured to deliver the project on time. Thus, we completed the app development & testing process without any lapses and delivered a fully-functional Android app to the client.

      17 coffe cup’s
      10 pizza’s

Some stats

  • 500

    Without any Paid User acquisition or Advertising, 500 devices equip this amazing App.
  • Is Average Ratings By 6+ Users Out Of 5 stars.


"Availing services from AppsThink was really a favorable step for me as they fulfilled my requirements & delivered an interesting app before the time limit. Undoubtedly, they worked beyond my expectations and I will definitely recommend AppsThink to other businesses. "


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