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A comprehensive insight of the process defining our efforts and avant-garde outlook which inspired us to build a creative poetry app.

The Challenge: Our competent development teams took over all the challenges and resolved them in accordance to the client’s needs. As the client’s idea was to introduce an engaging and creative app for poet-lovers, rendering some distinctive features was one of the major objectives.

Furthermore, the client wanted a hybrid app fledged with exciting features & user-friendly functionalities. So, we intended to develop this application specifically to steer interested users towards this social poetry platform.

Solutions From AppsThink: We collaborated all the major requirements of the client and listed them for an overview. Our well-versed developers and management team handled the project proficiently in order to execute it on time.

We made clear that this app will act as a wide poetry platform not only for the renowned poets but also for those who are interested in refining their talent. Considering all major issues & concerns of the client, we started working on this project and developed both iOS & Android versions of this poetry app.

Outcome: Outcome: We structured the app’s layout with several options which enable the users to write a poem, think of an appropriate title for it, add next lines, and share the complete poem with friends.

Our developers gave their best for the creation of this high-performing app that allows the users to join this poetry platform, search, rate, create, and share interesting poems with friends.

Our solutions



Our developers categorized this app particularly for poetry lovers and they innovated foolproof strategies & ideas for rendering cutting- edge features to the app.



We ensured integrating advanced interface while framing the functionalities of this app. In this phase, our experts implemented modified techniques for better user engagement.



As this is a crucial phase of the entire process, our developers worked diligently and progressed the app’s development in a proficient manner.


Launch Strategy

We made this poetry & rhyming app accessible on cross-platforms as we deployed its functionalities which are based on the hybrid framework.


Marketing Collateral

Our marketers utilized all major tactics which are highly feasible and favorable for the app’s promotion. They analyzed the market scenario and planned to reach out the target audience accordingly.


App Store Optimization

We developed the high-performing iOS & Android apps which are compatible with multiple devices. So, we ensured optimizing its ranking on their respective app stores for improved online visibility.


Our core values


Apps Users Love

We developed this creative app that connects numerous poets & poetry lovers on a wide platform. While using this app, audience enjoy interesting poems and create & share them for fun.


Generating Revenue

As more and more users engaged & connected through this app, our client’s business continued to expand globally with increased revenue.


Topping The Charts

With upsurging downloads and increased user retention, this app became popular among the worldwide users. Undoubtedly, the enticing features and interesting functionalities of this app engaged the prominent users.

Developing an app in 3 months 19 days

  • 6 May 2015

    Understanding the client’s business & goals

    From our end, we always make sure to determine the client’s expectations from this project. Initially, our team conversed with the client & gathered all necessary information in order to sketch out an overview and strategize to build some plans.

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  • 2 June 2015

    Describing useful concepts & ideas

    Along with thorough market research, we looked forward to coming up with a conclusive plan for the entire development process. We defined the client’s requirements and considered them while framing our ideas.

      17 coffe cup’s
      10 pizza’s
  • 21 July 2015

    Developing app as a social poetry platform

    Our major objective was to create an engaging poetry app integrated with multiple features. We developed iOS and Android versions of this app which are based on hybrid technology and highly compatible on multiple platforms.

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      10 pizza’s
  • 31 August 2015

    Testing & analyzing app’s functions

    Our developers & quality analysis team tested the finalized module of app and managed to deliver this project without any time lapse. Even after the app’s development, we modified the app’s functionalities and refined its features for better performance.

      17 coffe cup’s
      10 pizza’s

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