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Defining a journey of our commitments in the progressive development of feature-rich app as a social network for sport lovers.

The Challenge: Our client approached us with the idea of creation of a platform for all those sports enthusiasts who could collaborate and communicate collectively. The real challenge for us was to deliver something where both amateur as well as professional athletes connect and discover each other based on location and region.

Our core objective was to implement real time features and build a product with advanced functionality. Apart from having advanced functionality, the client was quite specific about the performance of app. The client wanted to have an app that works both on iOS and Android platforms.

Solutions From AppsThink: As per the requirements of clients, our technicians started working to create a massively scalable sports social network platform that facilitates sharing via LinkedIn and Facebook.

Our developers implemented all the features a good sports app needs like, video editing (cropping, speed management and overlay option), search for different users in the area, compatibility on both iOS and Android platform, tagging users etc.

Our solution is completely focused on bringing athletes and sports fans together in a single, intuitive digital platform and open users to the world of discovery right at their fingertips.

Outcome: For doing the same, we assigned a dedicated team who works on the project consistently and delivered it in the mentioned time frame. The application was successfully designed with all the functionalities demanded by the client. The app has generated a huge client base till now by utilizing the facets provided by it.

Our team of dexterous developers customize the app with stunning features which enable allow users to use it consistently on both Android and iOS versions.

Our solutions



Our team adopted a mobile-first strategy to design a tool that crafts a compelling user experience by expanding across all major devices and platforms.



We stick to best practices and effective approaches to improve the overall mobile app UX. We aim to provide users with an exceptional user experience.



Our experts deployed avant-garde technologies to create an interactive app empowered with stunning functionalities and appeal.


Launch Strategy

In order to effectively launch the application, our developers optimized app details for different app store. We have created an app that works flawlessly.


Marketing Collateral

From initial launch to user acquisition and enterprise adoption, our marketing ideas hits the road to generate maximum downloads and revenues.


App Store Optimization

After marketing the app on Android play store, we optimize it for better discoverability by targeting important keywords.


Our core values


Apps Users Love

With a design that is intuitive and easy to use, we design apps that drive engagement, improve retention and increase revenue.


Generating Revenue

Our robust team ensures bug testing to deliver experiences that are seamless, streamlined and maximize revenues for your business.


Topping The Charts

Ranking the top with quality-focused development, SKILLTALY helped us achieve our objective and generate revenue.

Developing an app in 6 months

  • 5TH APRIL 2016


    As this was the first stage, our developers invested their overall efforts to understand the client requirements based on which they headed towards achieving the objective of the entire app development process. With an intent to accomplish the task within the prescribed time period, we came up with an easier plan to enable quick development.

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  • 21ST JULY 2016


    During this phase of development, our designers created the architecture of design elements with a unique look and feel. They synchronized each element to the appropriate place. A data model was created by our team wherein our developers piece the navigation using tab bars, slide menus and buttons. This phase was a bit challenging as we had to incorporate features like video editing, compatibility on Android and iOS, other digital devices and so on.

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  • 7TH SEPTEMBER 2016


    The app was more of a video-editing software, therefore, we came up with the best measures to test the app on multiple devices and operating systems on the basis of its compatibility, adaptability and functionality. Our developers tested the app under different environments to make sure that the app is not released with bugs and users are comfortable with it.

      17 coffe cup’s
      10 pizza’s
  • 17TH OCTOBER 2016


    Ensuring timeliness is one of our core objectives. Being committed to our statements, we delivered the project on time and the client was quite contented with the feedback received. After the project submission, we headed towards the feedback from the client so as to implement further changes, if required.

      17 coffe cup’s
      10 pizza’s

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  • 500

    Without any Paid User acquisition or Advertising, 500 devices equip this amazing App.
  • Is Average Ratings By 6+ Users Out Of 5 stars.


“I really appreciate the efforts made By Appsthink to create app with an enticing user experience. These guys were efficient on time and contributed a great deal to creation of an app that is engaging and functional. I recommend AppsThink as a reliable business partner towards great customer support and quality work.”


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