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Buffalo Wings Bus

Success is achieved when you do not get bogged down by the challenges. The app bears testimony to our relentless efforts

The Challenge A recent challenge and one of our favorites. With good knowledge and complete market research, client came to us as he wanted to have usual application to buy bus tickets in an easy manner but with a few stunning modifications. Everything needed to be on real time and very quick.

Unlike usual bus bookings, he wanted to display the current location of buses and wanted to allow the users to be able to book on last minute.

Solutions From AppsThink Quite easy to understand but very close to unachievable in reality. Giving a new look to existing things and still making it appealing to the users was our target. Client was also good but always consistent to get the best out of supreme.

So we took up this challenge and successfully devised a solution which was easy, fast, and just took few steps to completion while keeping all things in place. Simply add destination, look for shuttles available in next few minutes, select one, and go. And, get dropped to the nearest location of your prime destination.

Outcome Till now the application has helped a lot of user who want to have quick low cost conveyance. A lot other cities are also looking forward to implementing the same kind of solution as it’s easy, fast, and inexpensive. We are looking forward to spread our idea and help out as many people as possible.

Hop on and off and explore all 8 districts of Queen City. Shuttle fleet and mobile GPS give flexibility and freedom to have a lot more with a convenient direct route.

Our solutions



We looked into the challenges posed by the requirements of this app and brainstormed the strategy that could resolve the issues precisely.



The design of the app became doubly challenging to be launched on both iOS and Android but our expert designers pulled it off.



The development part of the app required technical expertise of both iOS and Android platform and we are good at both.


Launch Strategy

As the app was to be launched on two different platforms, our launch strategy was developed separately for both of them.


Marketing Collateral

We devised foolproof strategies to market and promoted the app after the development. Our expert marketers made it possible for us.


App Store Optimization

In order to raise the ranking of the app in the app store, we optimized the app for the respective app stores.


Our core values


Apps Users Love

It was our endeavor to create apps that people love and relate to. Also, the emphasis was on the precise resolution of their issue.


Generating Revenue

There are several ways of generating revenue from the app and we implemented the model based on the target audience and the app store.


Topping The Charts

We code our apps in a way that they exhibit supreme quality and top the charts. The rest of the trick was done by the right marketing.

Developing an app in 3 months

  • 15 June 2015

    Prepared Design For Android & iOS

    At that time, our team of designers had crafted the application UI that could work on both Android & iOS and ensure consistent experience to the users.

      17 coffe cup’s
      10 pizza’s
  • 8 July 2015

    Integrated Google API

    After completing development, there was a requirement to integrate Google API with the application. Implementing Google Maps API was quite tricky, but our team did this successfully.

      17 coffe cup’s
      10 pizza’s
  • 27 July 2015

    Testing and delivery phase

    Before making the final delivery, we always make sure that everything in the App is working fine; that’s why, we tested this app from every possible angle to confirm that everything was working fine.

      17 coffe cup’s
      10 pizza’s
  • 3 Aug 2015

    Application Marketing

    In order to help the client market the app, we took the help of social network and application website. These digital media platforms had helped us channelize the potential buyers of the app.

      17 coffe cup’s
      10 pizza’s

Some stats

  • 500

    Without any Paid User acquisition or Advertising, 500 devices equip this amazing App.
  • Is Average Ratings By 6+ Users Out Of 5 stars.


“I approached AppsThink for an iOS app development and gave a very short deadline as it was an urgent project. They accepted the project and assured me its timely delivery. The developers were very motivated and skilled and as promised I got my project within the timeframe. I am highly impressed with their service and will love to recommend AppsThink to my friends.”

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